DTFS SEALS AND TRACKING SYSTEM will only be issued to companies which fulfil the following basic requirements:

  1. Company must registered with CIPC (or equivalent National Registry).
  2. Member in good standing with FESARTA
  3. Which can supply the following information in the initial application:
    • Name of Firm
    • Registration Number
    • Registered Address
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Fax number
    • Firm: Years in Business
    • Name and ID No. of Applicant Director/s or Owners
    • Mobile numbers of Director/s
    • Name and ID of Responsible Manager who will control the operations
    • Mobile Number for Manager



The DTFS provides total security for customers and revenue authorities by ensuring that all documentation is complete and the cargo is sealed, and the SIM cards and PIN numbers are attached in the system to the compete load documentation.

The DTFS tracks the cargo movements anywhere in the region, and these are monitored by the CARGOBOND DTFS Control Centres and the Customs offices at borders.

The DTFS Seal Units are leased only to accredited FESARTA transporters or corporate Members for single use loads which transit regional borders. The transporter may at the same time arrange a lease to cover a return load, which can be sealed at the loading point after completion of all documentation and registration with the DFTS Control Centre.

The charges for the RCTG Carnets are based on number of trips, not the value of the goods.

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