Vision & Objectives

Vision of Fesarta

To achieve wide recognition of the value of the road transport industry to the East and Southern African region and to enhance its efficiency and competitiveness through the National Road Transport Associations.


FESARTA Objectives

Actively supporting the member National Road Transport Associations (NRTAs), strengthening the less-developed NRTAs and encouraging the formation of NRTAs in countries where none exists;

Seeking and enrolling membership of large companies as corporate members and providing services to these members in accordance with their requirements

Developing and sustaining a FESARTA website;

Developing and annually producing a Road Transport Corridor Handbook for its members and other interested stakeholders;

Sourcing and managing information relevant to the road transport industry and disseminating it to the NRTAs and other interested stakeholders, through e-mails, the FESARTA website and the Road Transport Corridor Handbook;

Identifying the leading problem issues faced by road transporters along the corridors in East and Southern Africa and, through the RECs and other regional and national structures, try to find solutions to the problems;

Staging an annual Road Transport Forum to workshop and agree on solutions to the leading problem issues faced by road transporters;

In cooperation with the NRTAs, participate in road safety projects which include driver training, driver health, the prevention of hijacking, the setting up of truck stops/wellness centres and the prevention and containment of the spread of HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases;

In cooperation with the NRTAs, participate in self-regulation projects which encourage consignees, road transporters and consignors to professionally manage their operations in the best interests of themselves and their countries;

Actively proposing, promoting, supporting or opposing, as may be deemed expedient, legislative or other measures to improve the efficiency of regional road transport services, through appropriate national and regional channels;

Encouraging the settlement of disputes by conciliatory methods;

Co-operating or affiliating with any other body, group or person having objectives similar to those of FESARTA; and

Doing all other lawful things as may appear to be in the interest of road transportation in general and the NRTAs, in particular.

NRTA Members

Partner Organisations

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