Transport Industry Training

Transport Logistics Consultants (TLC) has provided a range of training courses to FESARTA to publish and administer. These courses cover a wide range of topics that would be beneficial to the transport organisation and its drivers. They range from Road Safety topics to Loading and Transportation of Hazardous materials.


These courses are meant as an aid to drivers to improve their knowledge and familiarise them with changing requirements on our roads today. If we consider that Africa has the highest accident and fatality rates in the world, then any additional exposure to and facilitation of learning for the drivers can only be of benefit and can result in significant cost saving to the economy of any country.


The courses carry a subscription cost, and after successful completion of the course a certificate of completion will be awarded to the candidate. Once completed, the course may carry an annual enrolment fee to keep the information live and accessible to the driver.


Acknowledgement is given to Leon Swanepoel for the creation and development of these training courses for TLC, and to TLC for making them available to FESARTA to both publish and administer. A lot of research has gone into the development of these courses and FESARTA would like to thank Leon for the ongoing updates of these courses, the development of further training and the administration of the training function on the FESARTA website.

Acknowledgement is also due to Nick Porée for his contributions and assistance in the review and editing on these courses.


These training courses can be done on PC, mobile or Tab. The content will not be downloadable, but you can request to have the course content excluding the assessments to remain available to you for an annual subscription of $10.00. If you do not choose to have this content made available, the content will be removed from your access after you have completed the course successfully.


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Here is a complete list of the courses. Note that we have to date completed only twelve of these courses and the remainder are still under development, but should be available shortly. More courses will be added with time and upon request from our learners.



Road Safety

  1. Road Safety Checklist for Trucks
  2. Road Safety Tips for Truckers
  3. Sharing the Road
  4. Speed and Safety


Driver Distractions and Challenges

  1. Fatigue
  2. Fatigue Related Factors
  3. Distracted Driving
  4. Cellular and Road Safety


Factors Influencing Drivers

  1. Aggressive Driving
  2. Medication and Driving
  3. Drugs and Driving
  4. Alcohol and Driving



Driving Skills and Responsibilities

  1. Overloading vs Safe Loading
  2. Night Driving and Driving in the Rain
  3. Long Distance Driving
  4. The Responsible Trucker
  5. Advanced and Defensive Driving


Dangerous Goods and its Transport

  1. Identification of Dangerous Goods
  2. Transporting Dangerous Goods
  3. Handling of Dangerous Goods
  4. Treatment of Exposure to Dangerous Goods
  5. Environmental Impact of Dangerous Goods


Advanced Trucking Skills and Procedures

  1. Trucking and Security
  2. Effective Planning and Schedules for Truck Drivers
  3. Fuel Efficient Driving Techniques
  4. Truck Maintenance on the Road


The Effective Driver on our Roads

  1. Emergency Procedures for Truckers
  2. Green Trucking on our Roads
  3. Knowing your Road Safety Regulations
  4. Basic First Aid on the Road for Truckers





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