E-learning Enrolment

Please note: The information you provide is for our records only. It will be used for verification purposes and will not be distributed, shared, or otherwise made available to any person or organisation.

Employees of member organisations of FESARTA will qualify for discounts on courses. 

Once the application has been verified, the cost of the courses selected will be forwarded to you for payment by either an EFT or via paypal. On confirmation of payment, your enrolement will be processed and access logins emailed to you.

As indicated, each course carries a cost of $60.00. Once the application is authorised and the payment is confirmed, you will have access via the login we provided, to the courses you have selected. When you have successfully completed the course, then we will send you a certificate for those courses.

After a period of one month, the course material will no longer be available to you as a resource. If however you decide that you would like this material to remain available to you, then there is a subscription of $10.00 per year which will be payable in advance, after which we will provide you with access to the information in the course for a 1 year period.

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