DTFS (Digital Trade Facilitation System)

  • The DTFS Seal provides transporters with the key to rapid transit through the regional border posts
  • Eliminates avoidable administrative delays that are associated with the current practice of manually executed customs clearance procedures for transit traffic
  • The DTFS provides for total control, monitored tracking, and load identification to enable rapid transit to any destinations in the region.



The Digital Trade Facilitation System has been negotiated with FESARTA to provide improved service to registered FESARTA members through use of the seal and tracking facilitation.

The Need for Transporter and load identification;

  1. Without exception, all Tripartite Member States have legislations that requires completion of documentation by persons responsible for the execution of a transit operation. The objective of customs processes is to ensure that the governments are able to recover duties and taxes from the import and export of goods, and to ensure that goods in transit cannot be illegally disposed of for home consumption in the country of transit.
  1. When goods cross the customs territory of one or more States in the course of goods in transit by road, the Customs Authority in each state applies national controls and procedures. These vary from state to state, but frequently involve the inspection of the cargo each national frontier and the imposition of national security requirements (guarantee, bond and cash deposit or both etc.) to cover the potential duty or taxes at risk while the goods are in transit through each territory. These measures applied in each country of transit, cause considerable expense, delays, and interference with regional transport and trade.
  1. The FESARTA DTFS provides the means to resolve the difficulties experienced by transport operators, freight forwarders and clearing agents and at the same time offers Customs Administrations a secure system of control whilst replacing the nationally executed practices and procedures.
  1. At the same time the DTFS helps protect the revenue of each State through which goods are carried. This is in line with the various provisions, protocols and agreements on Transit Trade and Transit Facilities. The DTFS makes it possible, for Revenue Authorities to implement rapid transit and customs measures to remove trade and transport barriers in the region.


Benefits of the System

The benefits of the DTFS include the following:

  • Reduced delays at border posts
  • Improved security for Revenue Authorities
  • Permits FESARTA members to become compliant recognised Professional Transporters as contemplated in the Tripartite TTTFP process
  • Provides the basis for a history of proven compliance leading to the Accredited Economic Operator (AEO) Status .

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