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  • SADC Border Chaos – First Fatality

    The situation at Machipanda Border Post between Zimbabwe and Mozambique has got out of hand with trucks queuing for over 10 km on the Mozambique side of the border.
    Thursday, 21st September 2017Read More
  • SADC Border Chaos

    Following on the introduction of SI 113 of 2017, Amendment of the Customs and Excise (General) Regulations, SI 154 of 2001, Section 60 by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, there is total chaos at the borders with that country. The amendment requires that all vehicles are to be fitted with Customs seals, by the authorities.
    Wednesday, 20th September 2017Read More

    The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) has urged government to consider banning long-haul road freight as it causes congestion at border posts and damages the road network.
    Friday, 30th September 2016Read More

    China has taken a key step towards the development of international economic corridors with its regional trading partners and the rest of the world with the accession to the United Nations TIR Convention.
    Wednesday, 24th August 2016Read More
  • The Changing Scene in South African Transport

    The world is changing, as it always has, and transport is the “tail on the dog” as a customer dependent industry. The effect of the changes is to create challenges presented by customer demands but at the same time to provide opportunities for transport innovation to meet the continually changing shape of the service package required by supply chain logistics.
    Tuesday, 16th August 2016Read More
  • Campaign is launched to fight corruption along road transport corridors

    Corruption and illicit practices on roads are harmful to international trade and the development of national and global economies. They increase legal and operational uncertainty, and add additional costs to the entire logistics chain and end product. As much as USD 1.6 trillion is lost globally each year according to estimates from the World Bank. While corruption is mostly found in emerging economies, corrupt practices also exist in industrialized ones. With major negative economic and political consequences, fighting corruption has become one of the priority issues for governments and international organizations.
    Tuesday, 13th May 2014Read More

    Download the "Guidelines for Mainstreaming Road Safety in Regional Trade Road Corridors" pdf for more information about the SSATPWP97-Road-Safety-Guidelines.  A guideline composed by Jeanne Breen, Richard Martin Humphreys and Sevara Melibaeva.  Working Paper No. 97.
    Friday, 14th March 2014Read More

    FESARTA is a non-profit Section 21 Company, registered in South Africa.
    Wednesday, 5th September 2012Read More
  • History of Fesarta

    In the early 1990’s, several of the larger transport operators in Southern Africa, decided to get together and form an association that would address problem issues such as permit difficulties, border delays and disparate road traffic legislation, and work with the authorities to try to find solutions.  The Federation of Regional Road Freight Associations (FRRFA) was founded in 1993, by member associations of Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
    Wednesday, 5th September 2012Read More

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